Simple Lessons on Faith

For anyone that does not know me, I want you to know that before anything else in life, I am first and foremost a Christian. My hope and trust for life and for eternity are in the Jesus Christ of the Bible. Faith is at the very core of who I am as a Christian, and its impact is extensively reaching in my life. Here I want to give you a glimpse into some personal lessons that God is teaching me through His Word about the subject of genuine faith in and trusting Him in a greater way.

  1. Real faith produces action that is clearly connected to accomplishing the purpose of God’s plan.
  2. Real faith moves me past the reasonable, explainable substance of life and into that which I cannot explain, except for the working of God in my life.
  3. Real faith in my life benefits both me and those around me.
  4. Real faith has a strength that far surpasses the capabilities of fear that so often grips my heart.
  5. Real faith allows me to see beyond my current situation or area of life and on to what lies ahead.
  6. Real faith brings life into true perspective in light of eternity, helping me to realize the ultimate goal of pleasing God with the life that He has given me.
  7. Real faith can bring about solutions to problems that seem insurmountable by my human standards.

*Note: These are simple lessons that I am learning in my personal Bible study  from Hebrews chapter 11. I’m no expert on this subject. I just wanted to share what God is teaching me with the desire that it will help someone else also.


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